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ClipExporter 2.0.3 更新发布

ClipExporter 是专门针对final cut pro x 从项目中输出片段,用于帮助你整理你的后期制作工作流程。它可以提供一个细节清单对于输出的片段,包括片段的自身的参数数据库,便于用户使用。

Video export
• 快速输出独立的片段,不需要转码和渲染,这样可以保存所有的数据和源媒体质量
• 支持 RED*, MXF*, AVCHD, H264 以及更多的视频格式
• 添加spotlight 搜索片段关键词和标注的数据库信息
• 输出片段mov参考引用文件.

可发送到After Effects
• ClipExporter translates your Final Cut Pro X project to an After Effects script file
• Supports retimed clips, blend modes & amount, position, anchor point, scale, rotation, corner pins, notes, markers
• Supports keyframes
• Missing files are substituted with Placeholders. These can easily be relinked using “Replace Footage…”

After Effects “linked mode” export
• If video export is also activated, After Effects references the trimmed video files that have been exported along with the script file.
• Compound-, Audition- and Multicam clips are flattened and reduced to the main composition
• Retimed clips retain their position in time, but their duration is un-retimed
• Only supports notes. All other modifications and keyframes are discarded

• For each clip a Nuke file is generated
• Only available in “linked mode”
• All the clips metadata is right in place in a Backdrop node
• Optionally use relative file paths in the Read node and easily relink your media by changing the project directory

Additional Features
• Assign roles to clips in Final Cut Pro X to define and export specific clips instead of the complete timeline
• Choose whether to export all to a single folder or to a per-clip folder
• Save time and let ClipExporter create a per-clip subfolder structure
• Useful for Producers: export a detailed list of the exported clips to Excel or Numbers


GenArts 宣布发布 Sapphire 8

New and Updated Effects
Sapphire 8 includes these new and updated effects, available on all host applications:

  • Over 250+ effects
  • The Builder effect is the highlight of Sapphire v8
  • Wide range of host support
  • One license gets you access to Sv8 in many different hosts
  • RT Green Dot for MC editors as well as “Apply to Title” option for most effects
  • A taste of Node-based compositing in After Effects and even Media Composer
  • Great preset organization in the Preset Browser for the Builder effect
  • Easily transfer presets between host applications

sapphire 8
sapphire node
Builder 是一个新添加的功能,支持用户创建自己的效果和转场,这些创建过程都是基于节点式的,直观而且空前的创意和效率。完全释放了 Sapphire 的能量。 同时支持在 Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Avid Media Composer® ,Autodesk Smoke/Flare,Nuke,Davinci Resolve,Other OFX supported applications (HitFilm Pro 3)视频编辑软件上运行.这么好的插件,可是目前不支持Final Cut Pro X , 当然可以用 FxFactory Pro 插件来替换使用。


Red发布Redcine-X Pro和RED苹果工作流程插件更新


For Intel-based Apple Macintosh systems running Final Cut Pro X, or Final Cut Pro 7 (part of Final Cut Studio), the RED Apple Workflow Installer v3.1 provides the RED FCP X plug-in (v1.4), RED QuickTime codec (v5.3), Log and Transfer plug-in for FCP (v30.4), and Color plug-in (v4.8) functionality to import REDCODE RAW clips as native REDCODE media (R3D’s), or wrapped in QuickTime, or the option to transcode them directly to Apple’s ProRes codec.

Added: Support for new Dragon OLPF.
Fixed: Issue where color camera could show up as Monochrome.

Fixed: A memory leak when using Rocket.
Fixed: Various crashes when using Rocket.
Fixed: Dropped frames in a clip could result in nothing being available after the first dropped frame.
red for fcpx
Screen Shot 2014-02-06 at 4.18.37 PM


Fixed: New Dragon OLPF clips looking incorrect.
Fixed: Motion Mount clips looking incorrect (bug in build 22.2 and 23.0).
Fixed: Dropped frames in a clip could result in nothing being available after the first dropped frame.
Fixed: HDRx blending not working with Rocket-X enabled.
Fixed: Video player not properly updating on pause when Rocket Video Out is enabled.
Fixed: REDline now only shows burn in fonts if they are available on the system.
Fixed: Viewer crop box with locked aspect can no longer be pulled out of aspect.
Added: Video player remembers the last set decode mode across restarts of REDCINE-X PRO.