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达芬奇教程-为DIT准备的clone tool https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ4MzQwMTE0NA==.html

final cut pro x 10.3 – 输出多音轨视频文件 https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ4MzY1ODE4OA==.html

final cut pro x 10.3 – 卷动新功能应用 https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ4NDEzNTY4OA==.html

final cut pro x 10.3 – 源时间码的添加方式 https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ4NDI3NzIwNA==.html

final cut pro x 10.3 – 快速开关音频淡入淡出的设定 https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ4NDQwMDQxNg==.html

final cut pro x 10.3 – 录制画外音的新功能 https://v.youku.com/v_show/id_XMjQ4NDQxOTMwNA==.html


final cut pro x 10.2.3 视频教程

final cut pro x 10.2.3 视频教程 (新功能视频)



DaVinci Resolve Studio 在app store上发布,价格更优惠!

DaVinci Resolve Studio 在app store上发布,价格更优惠!功能一样,用户可以直接通过app store来进行购买,享受调色的乐趣,无需再购买加密狗,等一系列繁琐的操作。享受完整版的乐趣和创意。售价:3298元

官方购买地址:点击app store购买


Apple Compressor 教程-001 发布

Apple Compressor 是视频的编码和格式的编辑工具,方便让用户快速有效的发布不同版本格式的视频。
本课讲了compressor的定位和介绍,一些隐藏的功能,和final cut pro x 的协作


苹果公司发布的 final cut pro x 视频教程

1.Import media in Final Cut Pro
This video demonstrates how to import media in Final Cut Pro X.

2..Use 3D Text in Final Cut Pro
This video demonstrates how to use 3D text in Final Cut Pro X.

3.Manage libraries in Final Cut Pro
This video demonstrates how to manage libraries in Final Cut Pro X.

4.Use clip effects in Final Cut Pro
This video demonstrates how to use clip effects in Final Cut Pro X.

5.Create and modify share destinations in Final Cut Pro
This video demonstrates how to create and modify share destinations in Final Cut Pro X.

Final Cut Pro X 在影视制作工业中的应用

Final Cut Pro X 在美国电视制作工业里的应用案例。最近这半年时间,苹果公司的 final cut pro x 研发团队深入更大电视台和制作中心,让影视制作人员体验了整个高效的制作流程,制作平台开始大量转移到 Final Cut Pro X 制作平台上,扩张趋势正在迅速蔓延!

final cut pro x 插件包 06-13

1.3D Sale Price 插件-适合服装销售,广告类型的视频

下载地址:点击下载3d sale price

2.final cut pro x 三维新模版,模仿以前idvd的片头模版制作而成


3.3D 倒计时插件模版






6.motion 钢琴模版


Final Cut Pro X 10.2 教程

Final Cut Pro X 10.2 教程 , 包含了很多 fcpx 10.2的新特性,绘画遮罩,资源库智能滤镜收集,3d 字体,调色功能的变更,预设保存,滤镜功能更新,匹配颜色,声音的新功能介绍,示波仪功能更新,遮罩的合成模式,后台渲染的更新等等。

fcpx 10.2 教程-001

fcpx 10.2 教程-002


电影《焦点》 高级工作流程

电影《焦点》 高级工作流程,讲解了通过苹果平台下的final cut pro x进行剪辑的好莱坞影片的工作流程。包括拍摄,制作,素材管理,所选摄像机的参数设定。采访了导演,剪辑师,剪辑助理,调色师,还有美工,摄影师,DIT的工作人员。

电影《焦点》高级工作流程 – PART I

电影《焦点》高级工作流程 – PART II

电影《焦点》高级工作流程 – PART III

电影《焦点》高级工作流程 – PART IV – ARRI UHD


RED 苹果工作流程软件更新

RED 苹果工作流程软件更新 ,它是针对 red one 影视级别的摄像机在苹果平台下进行剪辑、调色的一个必要插件,方便在苹果电脑上进行专业化的后期编辑套底工作。

red apple workflow installer v5.0 更新如下:
Added: Support for DRAGONcolor2 and REDcolor4

Added: Support for DRAGONcolor2 and REDcolor4.
Added: Support for YUV output to Blackmagic and AJA monitoring devices.
Note: Rocket-X support requires driver and firmware or higher.
Fixed: Monochrome half resolution premium GPU exports.
Fixed: OpenCL Dragon Monochrome full resolution top and right border.
Fixed: A.D.D. Snapshots weren’t applying A.D.D.
Fixed: QuickTime export with mono audio now work correctly in VLC and FCP7.
Fixed: Issue with audio drift on export when working with very large clips.
Fixed: CPU based horizontal flip was broken in some cases.
Fixed: Issue where an RMD would automatically be saved when loading an audio BWF file.
Fixed: Bins now always show the correct clip count.
Fixed: Fonts directory not being found on Windows when trying to do Burn In.
Fixed: Cycling through clips in the browser was sometimes broken.
Fixed: A clips rating and label is now correctly shown in the bin when loaded.

下载地址:点击下载red apple workflow     点击下载redcine-x pro


CoreMelt在Mac App Store上发布10个免费的插件和模版

A set of 10 free Motion Templates for Final Cut Pro X users. After Installation please run the Application “CoreMelt FCP X Motion Templates 1” from your Applications folder and save the templates into your movies folder.
coremelt plugin
You will see the following new effects in the category “C2 Free Templates” in your effects browser


• Glass Lozenge Left
• Glass Lozenge Centre

• Blocks Fall Down
• Blocks Flip Centre
• Blocks Grow In
• Door Turn Tree
• Filmstrip Fly by
• Glass Lozenges Wipe
• Spike Push
• Windscreen Wipers

From stylish lower thirds to abstract wipes, these Transitions and Titles will help you spice up your edit whether you are doing documentaries, sports events, promos or corporate video.

ClipExporter 2.0.3 更新发布

ClipExporter 是专门针对final cut pro x 从项目中输出片段,用于帮助你整理你的后期制作工作流程。它可以提供一个细节清单对于输出的片段,包括片段的自身的参数数据库,便于用户使用。

Video export
• 快速输出独立的片段,不需要转码和渲染,这样可以保存所有的数据和源媒体质量
• 支持 RED*, MXF*, AVCHD, H264 以及更多的视频格式
• 添加spotlight 搜索片段关键词和标注的数据库信息
• 输出片段mov参考引用文件.

可发送到After Effects
• ClipExporter translates your Final Cut Pro X project to an After Effects script file
• Supports retimed clips, blend modes & amount, position, anchor point, scale, rotation, corner pins, notes, markers
• Supports keyframes
• Missing files are substituted with Placeholders. These can easily be relinked using “Replace Footage…”

After Effects “linked mode” export
• If video export is also activated, After Effects references the trimmed video files that have been exported along with the script file.
• Compound-, Audition- and Multicam clips are flattened and reduced to the main composition
• Retimed clips retain their position in time, but their duration is un-retimed
• Only supports notes. All other modifications and keyframes are discarded

• For each clip a Nuke file is generated
• Only available in “linked mode”
• All the clips metadata is right in place in a Backdrop node
• Optionally use relative file paths in the Read node and easily relink your media by changing the project directory

Additional Features
• Assign roles to clips in Final Cut Pro X to define and export specific clips instead of the complete timeline
• Choose whether to export all to a single folder or to a per-clip folder
• Save time and let ClipExporter create a per-clip subfolder structure
• Useful for Producers: export a detailed list of the exported clips to Excel or Numbers


Avid 如何设置 4K 的项目 FCPX 音频效果插件

avid media composer终于更新,可以支持对4k视频的编辑了



GenArts 宣布发布 Sapphire 8

New and Updated Effects
Sapphire 8 includes these new and updated effects, available on all host applications:

  • Over 250+ effects
  • The Builder effect is the highlight of Sapphire v8
  • Wide range of host support
  • One license gets you access to Sv8 in many different hosts
  • RT Green Dot for MC editors as well as “Apply to Title” option for most effects
  • A taste of Node-based compositing in After Effects and even Media Composer
  • Great preset organization in the Preset Browser for the Builder effect
  • Easily transfer presets between host applications

sapphire 8
sapphire node
Builder 是一个新添加的功能,支持用户创建自己的效果和转场,这些创建过程都是基于节点式的,直观而且空前的创意和效率。完全释放了 Sapphire 的能量。 同时支持在 Adobe After Effects and Adobe Premiere Pro CC, and Avid Media Composer® ,Autodesk Smoke/Flare,Nuke,Davinci Resolve,Other OFX supported applications (HitFilm Pro 3)视频编辑软件上运行.这么好的插件,可是目前不支持Final Cut Pro X , 当然可以用 FxFactory Pro 插件来替换使用。


使用 Duet 让ipad成为视频编辑的第二个显示器

大家肯定都在笔记本上快速剪辑过相应的视频作品,但总是发现在笔记本上编辑视频的时候,受到笔记本屏幕大小的限制,或多或少有一些不尽兴。为此,Rahul Dewan 开发了   duet display,可以让你的 ipad 或者 iphone 作为第二个显示器,来显示视频编辑软件一部分窗口,支持分屏显示视频编辑软件,为我们的编辑提供了很多便利性。


接下来,来到 iOS 设备下,从 app store 搜索 duet display,或者直接点击下载地址


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