REDCINE-X Professional Build 31更新发布

REDCINE-X Professional Build 31 Release

Added: Dragon Enhanced Blacks (D.E.B) control.
Added: Metadata for interchangeable OLPF’s.
Added: Support for iXML timecode metadata for BWF audio auto-sync.
Added: Colors in the export tab status column to represent state: green for finished, yellow for processing, and red for abort/error.
Added: Additional columns in the export preset table to show format, resolution, framerate, and output folder for presets.
Added: Ability to select multiple presets in the preset table (to delete, move, or export).
Added: Keyboard shortcuts for Snapshot and R3D snapshot.
Added: Keyboard shortcut ALT+left and ALT+Right that sets offsets audio sync by +/- 1 frame in the audio tab.
Updated: Restored ability to export mono audio tracks in QuickTime.
Updated: When scrubbing from the timeline, allow scrubber to snap to slugs and markers.
Fixed: Issue where Rocket was not being utilized for certain Fit cases.
Fixed: Issue where you could not prompt for filename with JPEG snapshots.
Fixed: GPU scalar issue with aliasing on certain aspect ratios.
Fixed: Track selection is maintained in the audio tab when switching clips.
Fixed: Crash when ejecting media with a clip open in the viewer, or deleting a clip that was open in the viewer.
Fixed: Issue causing JPEG exports to run slower than they should.
Fixed: Issue with incorrect in/out points when importing FCP XML.
Fixed: Issue with CUDA on half and less output resolutions.
Fixed: Issue where CMD+E exports would not start in some cases.
Fixed: Issue with high framerate QuickTime exports.
Fixed: Issue with upscaling in CUDA when doing OpenEXR。


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