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REDCINE-X Professional Build 31更新发布

REDCINE-X Professional Build 31 Release

Added: Dragon Enhanced Blacks (D.E.B) control.
Added: Metadata for interchangeable OLPF’s.
Added: Support for iXML timecode metadata for BWF audio auto-sync.
Added: Colors in the export tab status column to represent state: green for finished, yellow for processing, and red for abort/error.
Added: Additional columns in the export preset table to show format, resolution, framerate, and output folder for presets.
Added: Ability to select multiple presets in the preset table (to delete, move, or export).
Added: Keyboard shortcuts for Snapshot and R3D snapshot. Read More

REDCINE-X Professional Build 3 更新

REDCINE-X Professional Build 3 Beta

  • Ejecting drives from the Finder will now automatically eject them in REDcine-X Pro also.
  • External surface input devices are disabled by default. Enable in Preferences->Devices.
  • Added option to choose the clip resolution as an output res in the export preset dialog.
  • Ale absolute timecode columns have been corrected to always be absolute timecode.
  • Added a slider in preferences to control the memory usage of the playback cache.
  • Changed behavior: starting an export no longer jumps you to the export tab.
  • Sequences can now be renamed from the sequence tab context menus.
  • Added the ability to shift selected timeline clips by [ and ] shortcut keys.
  • Starting an export no longer automatically switches to the Export tab.
  • Added “Show RMD in Folder” to the bin and browser context menus.
  • Added basic external audio metadata display to the audio control.
  • Added option-click scrubbing of thumbnails in the Project tab.
  • Still snapshots can now be taken while the Viewer is playing.
  • Snapshots with crop enabled now use the crop width/height.
  • Added a search box to the bin sort by dialog.
  • Added an export job count to the Export tab.
  • Added timeline tools to the Timeline menu.
  • Added support for MC Color input devices.
  • Added a zoom tool to the Timeline.
  • Fixed an out of memory issue.
  • Fixed a bug with undoing ripple delete.
  • Fixed issues with EDL and ALE imports.
  • Fixed issue with export jobs not pausing correctly.
  • Fixed crash with out of range video slider on windows.
  • Fixed Windows crash issue with scopes initially hidden.
  • Fixed a bug with deleting clips in multiple tracks at once.
  • Fixed a hang when ejecting while the Metadata panel is open.
  • Fixed a crash on Windows when exporting to Quicktime or Avid.
  • Fixed crashes when ejecting a drive while export jobs are running.
  • Fixed issue where auto-saving of projects would reset the undo stack.
  • Fixed crashes with overlaying/deleting multiple clips from the Timeline.
  • Fixed issue with tape name not being set correctly for Avid MXF exports.
  • Fixed issue with separate eye metadata being incorrect on ALE only exports.
  • Fixed a bug where pasting a grade would improperly link clip looks together.
  • Fixed bug where the Viewer scrubber wouldn’t get updated while playing over gaps.
  • Fixed issue where scopes were not updating correctly when image in viewer was flipped/rotated.
  • Fixed issue with audio where empty gaps on a timeline were not correctly represented with silence.
  • Fixed bug where the right panel would not show up on startup if it was collapsed on last app shutdown.
  • Fixed bug where the in/out buttons would stay disabled after viewing a still then going back to the full clip.
  • Fixed issue where framing, color correction, and timecode metadata where not being updated on playback.
  • Fixed cases where importing a single track from a FCPXML could cause an empty second track to be imported.
  • REDCINE-X Professional Build 2 Beta
  • Default Clip Audio channels are now set to Camera Audio 1 and 2.
  • Viewer fixes for when frames did not update as expected.
  • Viewer Zoom changed to be relative to the pixel instead of relative to the viewer size. 100% is now equivalent to 1:1 image pixel to display pixel.
  • Re-ordered REDline metadata output to match the previous REDline builds.
  • Crash fixed when moving clips from one bin to another.
  • Random Crash bug on Viewer mode change resolved.
  • Updated RCX Logo artwork for wWindows Installer.
  • Scopes are now positioned below the Histogram when Viewer is on the second monitor.
  • Transport buttons now light up while playing.
  • Added bin Rating shortcuts (0-5) keys.
  • Fixed a problem where thumbnails did not update.
  • The project tree is now expanded by default.
  • Fix for Rocket export speed.
  • REDCINE-X Professional Build 1 Beta
  • Initial Public Preview