REDCINE-X pro 30.1.0更新

redcine-x pro是编辑red摄像机拍摄素材,重要的流程软件,进行初级调色和套底的必备软件!
Added: Scarlet-X Dragon support.
Added: Dragon Monochrome support.
Added: Rocket-X support for RED ONE has been enabled.
Added: OpenCL compatibility improvements when using the latest drivers for AMD FirePro and Radeon cards.
Added: Timeline hotkeys are now configurable.
Fixed: Regression where snapshots were not honoring crop settings correctly.
Fixed: Regression where BWF exports were not working correctly.
Fixed: Random crash when starting up REDCINE-X PRO on Windows.
Fixed: M button in video player was not working.
Fixed: Linear light output (outside of EXR) not always being linear.
Fixed: Bilinear scaling option in export preset settings.
Fixed: Issue with burn in and watermark font not being colored correctly.
Fixed: Issue with watermark fonts being cut off.
Fixed: Issue where Motion Mount metadata was shown for non-Motion Mount clips.
Fixed: Issue where high frame rate exports to QuickTime did not have the correct timecode.
Fixed: Issue where high frame rate timecode was parsed incorrectly with -S/-E options in REDline.
Fixed: Generate REDline script on Windows produced an empty file.
Fixed: Export would fail when exporting via REDline from within REDCINE-X.
Fixed: Crash when enabling SDI output when CUDA is enabled.



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