REDCINE-X PRO的发布,同时Foundtry Strom停止更新,直到2012年10月。但仍可以进行购买。

And here are the new features in the PRO version:

  • New Professional RCX with collapsible single window unified user interface
  • Post effects Film Look, Unsharp Mask, etc (some features will be enabled soon)
  • Stills workflow support – Grade and export virtual stills associated with your clips.
  • Markers – Mark specific frames for easy retrieval and selective stills exporting.
  • Dynamic Look control panel allowing you to customize your workspace.
  • Greatly enhanced playback engine with full 3D framing support
  • Metadata viewer pane (per frame metadata coming soon)
  • HDRx + Stereo 3D Viewing at the same time.
  • Full screen playback on second screen
  • Full Screen Mode ( control – shift – F )
  • Automatically downloaded updates
  • Customizable control UI panes
  • Double-wide control UI pane
  • New post effects module
  • Hierarchical bin folders
  • Multi track Timelines
  • New scaling engine
  • Quick Help (H key)
  • Stills rating system
  • Export Rotation
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