Product Film or Video Standard

4K 16×9 4096×2304
4K HD 3840×2160
3K 16×9 3072×1728
2K 16×9 2048×1152

Beyond HD,new digital acquisition tools such as the RED ONE camera can record 2K and 4K resolution,or 4520×2540-a stunning 11.5 megapixels for 4K!There are different  standards in place for 2K and 4K,such as the Academy standard and the Digital Cinema Initiative.DCI states that 2K is 2048×1080(or 2.2 megapixels), and 4K is 4096×2160(or 8.8 megapixels).

NTSC   720×480/486
Digital Cinema Initiative  2048×1080 “2k”
Digital Cinema Initiative  4096×2160 “4k”
Red Camera(4520×2540 “4K”)

Optimal Digital Metering
Mastering for Broadcast or SD DVD
-DV or HDV Source Media
-Peak volume at -6dB
-Average volume at -12dB

Mastering for Theatrical Release
-Peak volume at -6dB
-Average volume at -31dB


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