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redcine-x 11版本虽然是支持fcpx xml语言了,但在测试中,还是无法直接进行工程项目和素材的读取!

REDCINE-X Professional Build 4支持FCPXML


  • REDCINE-X PRO and REDLINE manuals are included in the software.
  • To access manuals, open REDCINE-X PRO and click “Help” in the main menu.


  • Added: Pass through iXML to Avid ALE’s.
  • Added: Stills only export mode to export presets.
  • Added: Drag and drop of tabs in the right panels.
  • Added: Undo/redo for H/V convergence controls.
  • Added: Shortcut key for creating a new sequence.
  • Added: Batch manager shows export preset name.
  • Added: New shortcut keys for the bottom panel tabs.
  • Added: Copying and pasting of looks to multiple clips.
  • Added: New tabs in the right panel are created empty.
  • Added: Ext audio timecode metadata display in viewer.
  • Added: Timeline track reordering with track context menu.
  • Added: Many improvements to multi-track timeline editing.
  • Added: Ratings for bins and sequences now saved in project.
  • Added: Dragging to the top-third of a track ripple inserts a clip.
  • Added: Browser window is now cleared when the drive is ejected.
  • Added: Ratings are now visible on the thumbnails for timeline clips.
  • Added: Copied looks can now be seen using the Look Memories panel.
  • Added: Bin and timeline context menu Refresh command was renamed to Revert.
  • Added: Project view settings (thumbnail size, type, and table columns) are now saved.
  • Added: Drag/drop looks from the look panels to the Viewer, Bin, Timeline, and Stills areas.
  • Fixed: Right side panel tab locations now saved.
  • Fixed: Correction for framing aspect bug in viewer.
  • Fixed: Restore metadata field editing in the viewer.
  • Fixed: HDR settings are now saved in look presets.
  • Fixed: XML generation when linking to non-proxies.
  • Fixed: Random crash when playing clips with audio.
  • Fixed: Bug with look presets applied to multiple clips.
  • Fixed: With Cmd+W sometimes closing the application.
  • Fixed: Ctrl+F wouldn’t exit fullscreen mode on Windows.
  • Fixed: Next/previous clip buttons in the Viewer with gaps.
  • Fixed: Framing preset preview when in center crop mode.
  • Fixed: Timeline zoom cursor disappearing after scrubbing.
  • Fixed: Avid ALE metadata when doing side by side exports.
  • Fixed: Timeline view scrolling to the bottom during playback.
  • Fixed: Jump back to Custom crop when editing in Center crop.
  • Fixed: Framing box randomly showing up on clips in the viewer.
  • Fixed: Framing aspect ratio is correctly saved/loaded from .RMD.
  • Fixed: On Mac with duplicate dock icons appearing during export.
  • Fixed: Offline clips in the timeline did not have an offline thumbnail.
  • Fixed: Markers only in an export preset is honored by project exports.
  • Fixed: Autosave project dialog sometimes appeared with other dialogs.
  • Fixed: Frequency override for manual audio sync. Fixed timecode issue.
  • Fixed: Go to enclosing folder button in the file browser not always working.
  • Fixed: In and out points are now preserved when importing non-proxy Quicktime
    clips from FCPXML if the Quicktimes are exported from REDCINE-X.
  • Many misc bug fixes.
  • Manual Updated.