1. Compression Basics
Learning the basics of compression
Compression vs. transcoding
Learning compression terms like CBR and VBR
Reviewing codec types: Camera, Post, and Distribution

2. General Workflow (Getting Stuff into Compressor)
Getting footage from FCP to Compressor
Getting footage from Motion or QuickTime

3. General Compressor Usage
Reviewing the Compressor interface and basic workflow
Using the included layouts and building your own
Understanding the difference between a batch and a job
Using Compressor templates
Using the Inspector
Choosing a destination
Using Compressor settings and codecs
Submitting a job

4. Customizing Compressor
Using the Preview window intelligently
Setting markers for DVD authoring and QuickTime files
Building your own settings (client DVD with watermark)
Building your own destinations (FTP)
Building your own templates

5. Transcoding
Understanding transcoding and best practices
Doing an HD downconvert
Doing an SD upconvert
Doing an HD cross-convert

6. Web Deliverables
Reviewing web compression choices (download vs. streaming)
Sizing for the web
Picking the right data rates for the web
General web compression tips

7. Hardware Deliverables
DVD compression rules
Creating MPEG-2s from Compressor for DVDs
Building DVDs directly from Compressor
Learning the differences for Blu-ray compression
Creating H.264s from Compressor for Blu-ray
Building Blu-ray DVDs from Compressor

8. Apple Devices
Apple device restrictions
Building H.264 files for iPhone and iPod
Building H.264 files for Apple TV

9. Podcasts and Video/Webcasts
Understanding the advantages of using AAC over MP3 for podcasting
Adding chapters and art to a podcast
Compressing for video/webcasts

10. Other Deliverables
Using MPEG-1 for everyone
Compressing QuickTime files for Keynote
Compressing for PowerPoint

11. Droplets
Using droplets
Building your own droplet

12. What’s New in Compressor 3.5
Creating job actions
Building batch templates and Blu-ray
Using the Auto Detection feature for settings
Updating the Droplet feature