CoreMelt在Mac App Store上发布10个免费的插件和模版

A set of 10 free Motion Templates for Final Cut Pro X users. After Installation please run the Application “CoreMelt FCP X Motion Templates 1” from your Applications folder and save the templates into your movies folder.
coremelt plugin
You will see the following new effects in the category “C2 Free Templates” in your effects browser


• Glass Lozenge Left
• Glass Lozenge Centre

• Blocks Fall Down
• Blocks Flip Centre
• Blocks Grow In
• Door Turn Tree
• Filmstrip Fly by
• Glass Lozenges Wipe
• Spike Push
• Windscreen Wipers

From stylish lower thirds to abstract wipes, these Transitions and Titles will help you spice up your edit whether you are doing documentaries, sports events, promos or corporate video.

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