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Xto7 for final cut pro紧接的更新到xto7 1.1.20

Xto7是针对final cut pro x to final cut pro 7或者是apple color或者是xml语言交互协作的一种转化方式!方便用于可以利用xml语言交互的不同软件平台编辑的方式!


  • 解决了音频链接到字幕标题的bug
  • 一些片段没有把他们的音频链接在一起
  • 解决了一些同步片段的bug
  • 解决了在已同步的片段上的标记问题
  • 解决了在某些情况下,转化失败(translation hanging)的可能.


Xto7 for final cut pro更新到1.1.18

Xto7,一个从final cut pro x可以发送到final cut pro 7的插件工具,给用户提供了fcpx到fcp7工程文件的传输和转换!


  • 解决了解析4k或者5k工程的一些bug
  • 不同混合格式和画幅尺寸的bug
  • 解决了一些丢失的章节标记
  • 当一个打开的对话框显示时,意外推出的奔溃bug



使用Project X₂7进行final cut pro x to final cut pro 7工作流程修改

使用project xto7这个工作,现在支持一下软件:

  • Color
  • Final Cut Server
  • Premiere Pro and then dynamic link to
  • After Effects
  • Soundbooth
  • Encore (for real Blu-ray authoring)
  • FInal Cut Pro 7 and then to
  • Soundtrack Pro
  • Motion 4
  • OMF output for ProTools, etc.
  • EDL export
  • Print to tape and Edit to tape
  • other Final Cut Pro 7 XML workflow tools (such as Sequence Clip Reporter for stock footage and music cue sheet reports).

已经支持相关final cut pro x以下功能:

  • Titles at the start and end;
  • a mixture of primary storyline and connected clips;
  • a mix of active and inactive clips;
  • large numbers of J and L cuts;
  • to-do markers and regular markers;
  • spot audio effects; and
  • cross-dissolve transitions.

All transfer without problem. Unfinished to-do markers appear as red markers, completed to-do markers as Green markers, and the blue Final Cut Pro X markers as blue markers in Final Cut Pro 7.


Final Cut Pro version 10.0.1 or later
OS X 10.7 “Lion” or 10.6 “Snow Leopard”