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苹果final cut pro x可以直接剪辑sony F5 and F55的XAVC文件

记得顺便也更新一下proapp quicktime codecs 1.0.2的quicktime编码。因为它添加了对sony f5 and sony f55S摄像机的XAVC文件支持编码。

XAVC/XDCAM Plug-in for Apple (PDZK-LT2)


Shoot with Sony’s latest professional digital video cameras — the F5 and F55 — then import XAVC files directly into Final Cut Pro X and start editing immediately. With support for resolutions up to 4K, you can work natively or convert to Apple ProRes in the background for even better performance.

Instantly switch between viewing original Log C and processed Rec. 709 video levels in Final Cut Pro X.
log C 文件:

切换成rec 709:

ProRes Log C

Use ARRI ALEXA cameras to record Apple ProRes with Log C video levels, then view with standard contrast and color levels in Final Cut Pro X. This nondestructive display option lets you view footage in the Rec. 709 color gamut — without having to render or apply an effect — while accessing the full dynamic range of Log C for color grading and compositing. When editing is complete, export XML from Final Cut Pro X to send the Log C files for finishing in third-party applications like DaVinci Resolve and Autodesk Smoke.


Assimilate开发销售Scratch 7版本发布

Assimilate 发布Scratch 7,这个版本是一个全新得工作方案,包括对3D合成工具,分级调色,数据管理和最终完成系统。

和以下软件完好得交互性 critical VFX plug-ins, such as Sapphire, Neat Video, ReelSmart Motion Blur, Beauty Box, and Mocha Pro.为scratch 7添加了很多创作空间。用户也可以嵌套图层和应用色阶到组层上。全新得渲染模式,增加了方向和运动模糊,多重采样,bit-map过滤!即使时码错误或者丢失,可以保证音频有多种方式同步。

原生支持Phantom Miro, Canon C500 and C300, Black Magic Cinema Camera, the latest Arri debayer algorithm, Sony’s F55 and F65 native high frame rates, and the Red 5K. Scratch V.7 完美支持the entire ACES specification, 包括文件格式, color space, and device and rendering transforms.