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Final Cut Pro X, Motion, Compressor更新放出(详细介绍)

Final Cut Pro X version 10.0.4 improves overall stability, performance, and compatibility including:

Improves image quality and responsiveness of broadcast monitoring with compatible third-party PCIe and Thunderbolt I/O devices.

Improves performance of multicam syncing and editing.

Adds language support for Simplified Chinese.

Adds a Share option for 1080p video on compatible iOS devices.

Final Cut Pro version 10.0.4 also addresses the following issues:

Assigns default audio channel setting for new projects to stereo.

Includes multicam metadata in XML project export.

Fixes an issue in which video superimposed over a background with an alpha channel could appear differently in Viewer before and after render.

Fixes an issue that caused some titles to be rendered again after each application launch.

Final Cut Pro X 10.0.4 is available for download via the Mac App Store.

Motion 5.0.3

The effects module of Final Cut Pro adds stability and performance improvements that, among other, corrects the aspect ratio display of anamorphic clips.

From the release notes:
Motion 5.0.3 improves overall stability and performance including:

Improves loading time for projects.

Improves performance of text editing in the Canvas.

Fixes issues with Fill Opaque enabled in images converted to Drop Zones.

Resolves a stability issue that occurred when deleting all characters with the Transform Glyph tool.

Corrects the pixel aspect ratio display of Anamorphic clips.

Improves speed of Save Current Frame.

Resolves a stability issue when adjusting motion blur controls in the Project Properties Inspector.

Resolves a stability issue when modifying media files while Motion is running in the background.

Motion 5.0.3 is available through the Mac App Store.

Compressor 4.0.3

Final Cut Pro’s export tool gets a minor update with overall performance tweaks including running the program as an encoding node sans monitor.

This update adds functionality and improves overall performance including:

Ability to run Compressor as an encoding node on a Mac without a monitor.

Fixes an issue with exporting when logged in as an Open Directory user.

Improves performance when encoding mp4 and AVI files.

Compressor 4.0.3 is available now on the Mac App Store.

最新final cut studio中的Compressor压缩软件

初步表面观测,在FINAL CUT PRO X里Compressor压缩软件好像完全没有变化。