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用户可以使用backups为final cut pro x备份工程文件


• Periodically or manually backs up all your Final Cut Pro X Projects and Events as snapshots. You control how often. You control what drives to back up.
• Consolidates all your Final Cut Pro X data in one place for easy backup and archiving to additional devices.
• It gives you control. You can control how much to backup. You can control what to restore.
• Lets you restore everything from a given snapshot or selected projects, folders, or events.
• Forgot why you made a backup? Add a description to each snapshot describing why you made it. Very handy!
• You can back up just the project and event files themselves or add Media, Shared Items, or FCP X’s own Backup folders as well.
• Backs up and restores saved Motion projects in your Motion Templates folder.同时备份apple motion的工程文件。
• Ignores Render files. These are easily regenerated.
• Lets you move folders, projects or events across drives. You can designate what drive to restore to.
• Backups are incremental. Only changes since the previous backup operation are added to an archive.
• Lets you see a list of all your backup snapshots and how much was backed up. You can delete old snapshots.
• You control backing up Backups for Final Cut Pro’s archives to other media.
• “Safe” snapshots. Only completed snapshots are retained. Available disk space is checked before the backup begins.
• “Safe” restores. If to a local drive, replaced files are placed in the Trash—they are never deleted.
• Continually adding new features.

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