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Logic Pro X 10.0.1更新发布!

logic pro x 10.0.1新特性:

这次更新增加了整体的稳定性和性能,建议所有logic pro x的用户进行更新,内容包括以下几点:

• Fixes an issue that could cause content downloading to stall
• 24-bit audio files are no longer converted to 16-bit when exporting projects to AAF
• Improves stability when switching between audio editors while Flex Pitch is enabled
• Track Stacks that contain both software instrument and audio tracks will no longer be inadvertently flattened by loading a Patch
• Tuner is now available when selecting a Track Stack containing audio tracks
• Addresses graphic and selection behavior issues in the Score Editor



PixelConduit为final cut pro x和motion 5发布了节点合成插件!

曾经我们在使用motion 4得时候,一部分用户可以通过在motion里得滤镜conduit 来做节点合成工作。但之后这个插件就慢慢得淡出市场。

现在conduit为final cut pro x重新开发了新版本得conduit 3,可以运行在final cut pro x和motion 5了!进行节点合成工作